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Hydro Power Effervescent


Complete and advanced formula with electrolytes and minerals that give you optimal and balanced hydration before, during, or after exercise to your daily life, helping to keep blood glucose levels, facilitating the transport of nutrients, vitamin  and minerals that help activating enzymes essential to provide the energy that your body needs. With vitamin B1, B2, B12, necessary for energy production and metabolic functions.

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Reasons to use Hydro Power Effervescent

Hydration before, during and after exercise.
Perfect balance of electrolytes.
Prevents and helps relive cramps. It can help muscle function.
Vitamin B1, Necessary for obtaining energy through carbohydrates.
Vitamin B2, involved in energy metabolism.
Vitamin B12. Needed for red blood cell production. Effervescent Technology, Without aspartame or preservatives.
Clean Ingredients, Only 10 Calories per tablet.


Suggested use

Add one tablet to 16 ounces of cold water.
Consume during training or through the day.

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